Err so ATB?


This is it… but I have no idea why some people think I got this in the bag.

It has crept up on me but there are just 12 weeks to go…



New title, IT Consultant


After several weeks of consideration I decided to start looking for a new job and before I knew it I was emailed paperwork asking to join DWS as an IT Consultant.

Funny that I had no hesitation in joining. My skills and experience are strong and when I look back at the IBM days, it appears that I’ve had to make a couple of side steps before finally landing the type of job I was always after.  I’m a survivor so of course I’m going to say this journey was all worth it, but was it really? Did I really need to wait 7 years?  I’m not going to answer this question…

Today is my second day at work and I’m already getting bored of keeping the bench warm.