100 km Challenge


100 km is a fair distance.  It just so happens that an opportunity has come my way to attempt 100 kms on a stationary bike along with 24 other keen athletes AND within a time of 3 hours!

Growing up I always felt comfortable on the bike. I recall spending much of my holidays exploring the Doncaster/Templestowe area on two wheels. Although more recently I have not done much training with pedal power, I do feel this is the right challenge for me.

In doing so I am also supporting a friend’s business called the Spin Room in Fitzroy North. The Spin Room boasts a nice cycling environment and is equipped with great facilities which include the Watt Bike.

The challenge itself will see proceeds raised go towards the children of Burnundi, a country in Africa I have never heard of. I am confident in this cause because this is part of a greater fundraiser of which actual bike freaks are attempting 1000 km in just four days…

Earlier this month I also learned about a place called Burkina Faso unfortunately in not so great circumstances. I really hope I can finish this ride for the charity and also another friend I know whose suffering and doing his own ride for charity later this month.



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