100 km Challenge


100 km is a fair distance.  It just so happens that an opportunity has come my way to attempt 100 kms on a stationary bike along with 24 other keen athletes AND within a time of 3 hours!

Growing up I always felt comfortable on the bike. I recall spending much of my holidays exploring the Doncaster/Templestowe area on two wheels. Although more recently I have not done much training with pedal power, I do feel this is the right challenge for me.

In doing so I am also supporting a friend’s business called the Spin Room in Fitzroy North. The Spin Room boasts a nice cycling environment and is equipped with great facilities which include the Watt Bike.

The challenge itself will see proceeds raised go towards the children of Burnundi, a country in Africa I have never heard of. I am confident in this cause because this is part of a greater fundraiser of which actual bike freaks are attempting 1000 km in just four days…

Earlier this month I also learned about a place called Burkina Faso unfortunately in not so great circumstances. I really hope I can finish this ride for the charity and also another friend I know whose suffering and doing his own ride for charity later this month.



Donation to the CFA


Wye River and Separation Creek


Every year CitiPower and Powercor run a company-wide Christmas Appeal to assist charities that help our local community. This year we will be supporting the CFA.

 CFA is a volunteer and community-based fire and emergency services organisation whose vision is to work together with communities to keep Victorians safe from fire and other emergencies.

 Monies raise in this year will be spilt amongst the local volunteer brigades in our regions for training or equipment.

No Chilli


So in December I successfully lasted a full month of eating whilst avoiding the consumption of any Chilli.  Not sure whether its really worth writing about but it was something I managed to do. The reason being that I have no competition??? haha no, that kind of smack talk will get me wrecked I know…

So I guess the next test for me is to find some silly competitive person to a chilli eating challenge then?  Hmm I might just have to rethink that…