People’s Climate March


I took part and supported the Climate Change Rally on November 27th.

I learned recently about Allianz’s stance on Climate Change where they will rethink their business interactions with organisations who generate more than 30% of their revenue through harmful practices on the environment. This discovery, along with a positive experience with WorldCare Travel insurance, underwritten by Allianz, prompted a change in my home insurance providers in December.



EJ Whitten charity game


In hearing the news radio and reading the Herald Sun newspaper, I was quite disgusted to learn that  no more than 6 cents in every dollar raised actually reaches the charity.  I mean I am hardly surprised that management take a fair cut but the extent of this – 6c being by law the minimum amount possible – is allowed to happen in the game of AFL football.

What makes me even more irate is the fact that I have attended a game before and contributed to the lining of executive pocket…

Shame on Baker Smith Management, but I suspect there is more to the story and there are others to blame too. A big loss to cancer research and a big loss to the integrity of the game.

The hidden truth behind the Melbourne University buildings


It was just in the news and brought to my attention that some of the buildings at Melbourne University were named after people who held strong views against the Aborigines.

One of the buildings I recall vividly as during my undergraduate years I studied Engineering Mathematics A as part of my Bachelor of Science degree I was studying towards at the time.  The building where I had spent much of my time in lectures and tutorials was named after Richard Berry.

In light of this I decided to do something to remember my time at uni and the uncovering of the hidden truth behind the building name…

Here we go… Just found something from the past. I wonder if I can still do any of it?