Lamborghini Aventador!!!


I am proud to announce I am the owner of a Lamborghini Aventador.

Merry Christmas Quentin. I hope very soon you will know how to play with it and of course drive one of your own!






Support for the Digital Enablement team in 2015

Holiday Tweets #RandomHolidayMutterings


I’m coming home

Proud of my Q Man

Su Yee Yeo

Count Your Blessings vs Always Be Grateful

There is no place like home

Lamborghini Aventador!!

Truck or Limo Driver

Dodgy Scaffolding – to walk or not to walk?

The Calling? Mellben Seafood

Hot Korean Noodles? is that all you got?

Burger King or Hawker food?

Renewable energy in Singapore?

I miss my daily Collins St coffees…

There is not much Daddy wouldn’t do for you..

Would I rather be at work, really???

Small cog in a large wheel

The irony of being stuck in Ang Mo Kio

GMHBA – fancy another swim?

Carls Junior wont just put a smile on my face today!

“Happy Hannukah”

Tofu… like really?

So much work to do when I get back.  That big list of things on my mind

Angry Burger for and Angry man today

Pathetic Cha Siu Siu Yoke Fan today…

Until recently I thought I had peaked at 15…

What’s killing you inside?

McDog Food today

Happy Deepavali – I love Indian food!

The power of durian

Mr. Brightside

Newsreaders…. haha

Its always exciting thinking of Hong Kong

I thought Fox Sports was crap!

Rejection from your own son!


Nasi Lemak – Finally one week on I get knocked out!

I switch off at the shopping centre

What’s important is now…

And how hot was that? Pretty sure I died today…

Wife bought my breaky

Always loved KL, but it won’t happen this trip!

Sweaty Pectoralis

Son, beer, but no bar food!

Clear from haze for the fifth day in a row. We got off to a good start…

Royal Melbourne Hospital Home Lottery…

Underwhelmed on Day 5!

Receiving pay while on holiday. Nice.

Happy 8 Months GOAT. You dont really want an Audi do you?

Just don’t feel like eating… Record is looking safe

Vibram Five Fingers. Maybe not!

I need to learn Chinese

Asia for beginners

Did I really want to go on this trip? early doubts and perhaps a sign of things to come.

First airport check-in with Quentin. Good, bad or ugly we’ll remember this one…