Panadol Boy




Wow has it been 50,000 already?  Yes 50,000 km on diesel.


Claudia managed 250,000 km on petrol. I wonder how far Jessica will reach in her lifetime?




The Tesla 85 is a phenomenal machine as demonstrated by Eleiko from Powershop.  Here is a shot of me who got the opportunity to sit in one during official business.




Just yesterday I completed my third consecutive Melbourne Marathon.  I have the following medals to my name now which I trained hard and earned:


Below is the beautiful shot of me finishing in the MCG, unfortunately I did not achieve my 7% Mighty Moe special due to injury.  I am hurting as I upload this post:


Mental Health Week


One week in October was another occasion to raise awareness for Mental Health Week.  With the help of my Glynis we looked at some activities that included volunteering and participating in the community.  The intent was to help mum, but also to have her help others with her spare time.  The information I have attached below:


CitiPower and Powercor’s holistic wellbeing program supports our employees and their families alike to take care of their own physical and mental health. Through a number of support services which are a key element of our mental health strategy 2014-2016 we can make a real difference for our employees and their families.

Strategic Advisor Health and Safety Danielle Fairchild tells Spotlight “Mental health support services are essential and we value their importance, however our ultimate goal is to minimise mental illnesses generating from the workplace.”

“The heart of a good mental health program is prevention – for the first time, we have introduced a well-being program that benefits both physical and mental health. Through the Global Corporate Challenge (GCC), which launched in late May we have seen one quarter of our workforce get behind this health and wellbeing initiative,”

“We hope that through the GCC’s focus on teamwork and individual nutrition, exercise and fatigue prevention our employees will develop positive habits, a healthier outlook and be more resilient to the challenges of life; both at work and at home,” said Danielle.

In addition to the Global Corporate Challenge we also offer employees mental health support services through our Peer to Peer support program and Employee Assistance Program.

We have recently called for new members to our successful Peer to Peer support program to see representation across all offices and depots. This program offers employees an opportunity to confidentially discuss mental health issues with a trained CitiPower and Powercor employee.

Since the program commenced in October 2013 our peer support leaders have had 230 engagements with fellow peers. This tells us that:

Our employees are in need of support, and most importantly seeking this support from their peers.
We have people in our business who genuinely care about their peers and are committed to providing support to their colleagues, often outside of working hours.
Our holistic approach to mental health support services is proving to be effective, with the Peer to Peer support program and the Employee Assistance Program working hand in hand to support our people.
Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a more formal avenue of support that offers three free counselling sessions to all CitiPower and Powercor employees and their immediate family members. The counselling provided is confidential, independent and undertaken by a trained psychologist. It can take place at your work location or off site. On-site counsellors are also available for both formal and informal discussions.

Additional support is also available to line managers through the EAP Manager Assist which provides confidential coaching and support for managers dealing with the people issues including performance, conflict management, communication, mental health and individual or team behaviour. This is a valuable service available to all Line Managers in our business. If you require further information on the EAP service including EAP Manager Assist please contact Lindy Davies on (03) 9683 4753.

Further information on mental health services available to employees and their families is accessible on our Mental Health pages.