Make peace with IBM


This month I reflected back on some memories which I struggled with for far too long. I was not bitter about anything or even smug, just I felt the need to want to get over something which had plagued bad blood and negativity for so long.

I began sporting a workbag which proudly had the IBM logo on it. While I am not necessarily for or against IBM as an organisation, I felt the need to make peace with the brand and show off the things that I thought were good – from my experience.

I might add that not long before I came to this realisation, I had bumped into an old colleague ‘Jack’ on Collins St during lunchtime. We were both shocked but happy to see each other. He gave me an overview of what the former team had become and also the update that a certain manager had been made redundant. Poor guy… This may have been part of the reason I decided to ‘make peace’ and maybe also have a gloat on Facebook, since it was me who called for his sacking almost 3 year earlier!



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