“If you haven’t already, I encourage you to start writing a journal to assist you in re-training your brain. Journaling allows us to pause and consider consciously the positives and negatives in our day. It affords us the opportunity to reframe out day in our minds to our benefit. And, it’s one of the simplest ways to cultivate a positive mindset so we can perform better in the face of challenges.”   Text taken from the following URL

So here are some point in time responses to some pertinent questions that have been posed. I don’t think I’ve ever done anything like this before but feel comfortable that its a good enough time to respond…

What am I looking forward to? At the moment it is no surprise that I am looking towards November when the weather warms up. Well not only that but also because we go on holidays to Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong (yes again!).  This will be a chance to take a break from normal life, see the extended family (including those who could and couldn’t make it down for our wedding last year) and just as importantly showcase the bundle of joy we have produced over the past 13 months. It’s stressful at the moment; every day seems like a struggle at work (I noticed people have been behaving strangely) and then at home where our lives have been taken over by this crazy young 20 week old who seems to go on mood swings every hour! The key to this is that when I look back each day, each week at what I have accomplished I feel great satisfaction in that I am making a difference in this world and progressing forward in ways I thought unimaginable. I look at how Quentin picks up new things, I look at how Glynis has become and could not be prouder of them both. I really can’t.

What actions do I need to take to keep me on track to achieving my most important goals?  I have always been a multi-tasker.  At least I have lead myself to believing that I am a good one, but it seems of late I discovered I may not be as effective as I need to be.  I remember through work and study, juggling all sorts of pressure I used to think I was doing myself a favour by saying yes all the time – yes to myself and to everyone else.  FOCUS is one thing I need in my life right now, to Follow One Course Until Successful. While I have a list of priorities or at least a “to do” list, I know I need to spend more time on just one or two at the time and put more emphasis on closing items out!

Where am I focusing my time? Right now my time has been focused on the baby, supporting the wife, and when I have spare time I start to look at other stuff.  I made an assessment several weeks ago having read blogs and talked to people that I may not have been pulling my weight at home.  All that changed and now I have hardly any time to look at that list I refer to above! Family is priority and when I look at that from a different angle all else is secondary.  Things do get challenging at times, but I know that in time I’ll look back and be confident I made the right choices.

What am I avoiding?  I am not sure whether it is necessarily avoiding but I know I need better ways of addressing conflict. While its not always an enjoyable experience to encounter and get buried in, I recognise that conflict is not always a bad thing; sometimes can be a way of seizing opportunities to get things done fast. I might go a little further to say that one of the things I should strive to do is to deal with things head on especially when I bump into people. Rather than second guess people’s intent, or even write them off, it may well be worth giving them extra time of day, to offer an opportunity to prove themselves. What can be lost with potentially much to be gained?

What should I be focusing on that will add greater value to my business or life? There are many things I can focus on but right now, I’m thinking about two things that stand out: my start up business and my Chinese. Of course, I think there are a other items on my wish list of things to do that are important but I must remain focused.  Its hard, because when I think about the house,  the car, the job, any other situation involving these it can be a real emotional one re priorities…

What were my three great things for today?  I am not sure how I should answer this one.  I suppose a reflection on the weekend and some comments on this week should suffice. I guess the days and weeks seem to progress slowly.  All good is at home. I know I can step up to the stage and perform. At the moment its structure and routine thats the essential part of my life and making the adjustments accordingly to best make use of my time. As I alluded to earlier, its not just all about me at the moment.

What was my struggle? I question myself at times. I really shouldn’t!

How did I learn and grow today?  How do you really know?

What risks did I take? Of course I did

Did I try a ‘no perfection’ challenge?  What’s that?

What am I proudest of? I’m proud to be alive. I’m grateful to have all the things I have today. I’m happy that there are important people in my life.  I’m proud that I have the ability to make a difference in this world.  I’m more motivated than ever to leave behind a positive impact.


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