New Financial Year


Happy new financial year folks  I hope it is a good one for you as you get on top of all your money related matters. The first thing I need to do is consolidate my bank accounts which means closing off Bankwest.  I need to also think about salary sacrifice and super especially as we are down to a single income and I want to make the best of my money.

Second thing I wanted to share was a recent article in The Age that Dad alerted me to.  It talks about the fact that most people under the age of 43 would really understand or have experienced recession.  I thought this was a good reminder of one of the realities which we may face in this financial year or not too distant future. Definitely worth the read:

Australians unprepared for risk after 25 years without recession

Going off the topic of recession I wanted to be proactive and last week opened up a Savings account for Quentin at the Bank of Melbourne. I chose this bank because I wanted something different and one with a real local feel.


Each month I will contribute $1 to his future; below is confirmation of his first dollar received:



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