Helping Glynis purchase Dennis!


What is it? A sedan, hatch? Is it grey, silver? Introducing Dennis… Glynis’ beautiful new wheels:



100 days


After 99 sleepless nights we finally reached the 100 day milestone on Friday 12th June.  I cooked up some beef hamburgers with some roasted vegetables, pumpkin and asparagus.

As we ate, the wife reminded me in a slightly surprised tone that it was in fact a major milestone in Quentin’s life.  So since he was born, I developed an appreciation of not just all things parents say about this kids, but also the desire to put their children first, even before their own interests.  My own experience growing up has been a struggle with huge expectations and pressure to succeed.  I feel I don’t need to say anything further; I already know this beautiful young man will surpass me in every single way and it is this confidence that I have of his future that drives me harder to do bigger and better things each and every day.

Its my goal not to make it easy for him to catch up. This is what he looks like, no longer a little newborn…


Flashback 7 Pounds

Seven Pounds, 2013
  1. Donated Blood to the Australian Red Cross
  2. Donated Money to Causes Important to me (CEO/Fred Hollows/MS/Movember)
  3. Volunteer work for RSPCA
  4. Completed a short course in RSA
  5. Followed Teachings in Buddhism
  6. Ditched my job to find something more meaningful!
  7. Competed in the Medibank Marathon