Report a Public Lighting Fault


Hmm, a recent discovery of mine at work that there are actually members of the public who are concerned with street lightining. I guess this shouldn’t shock me especially when they go out!

Since I was involved with the Digital team I learned about a recent project which went live recently.  What funny timing this had because it hard started to make me conscious of lighting fault and it actually caused me to report on earlier this month.

The light in question is on Queensbridge St just outside crown.  I believe its stop 112 or thereabouts. From the image its clear it was flickering on and off during the morning when all the others lights were off:


The e-mail I received from CitiPower one week later!

Progress Email


Report Dangerous Situation to the SES


It was a cold April evening and it was clear from our dinner discussion Glynis did not feel like going out.  It had been a while since our last visit so I drove out to Di Fazio’s to pick up some pizza and pasta.

On the way there driving in mum’s BMW I noticed on Blackburn Road some cars swerving off dangerously across the other side of the road to pass.  I knew it must be some kind of hazard.

When it was time for me to pass I learned that it was some trees that had fallen over that was blocking the southbound traffic.

I thought it was a good idea to be proactive be part of the solution in reporting this to the SES. Below is the image I managed to snap on the return journey. There were already a few volunteers helping out to clear the obstruction.


ANZAC Day 2015


This year marked the 100th anniversary of the ANZACs.

Last year I made a commitment to attend the dawn service being a very special year, however things did not go to plan given that I now have a little baby to look after.

This is a small token to show support for Legacy: