Something for the women


he for she movement was introduced to me by GB and BT

I recall some years ago having coffee with Jan and something stuck with me. He mentioned after the birth of his son that he had a “profound respect for women after that”. At the time it didn’t mean much to me, but now, with the birth of my own son I can truly appreciate how important the woman’s role is.

HeforShe is one thing I will look at to evening up the equality.  As it turns out, I happen to have worked at a company that was promoting women in leadership positions but perhaps for not the right reasons.  At the same sort of time, Julia Gillard took over the reigns as Prime Minister and I sometimes question myself how much our country benefitted from this.

Greatest of all Time – 4/3/2015


So, it seems that many or all of us were wrong in the guessing of when the baby would come. It’s now the first of March, two weeks before our first wedding anniversary and there is still no sign of when he/she will come.

I wanted to dedicate this entry to the women of this world.

My superwoman wife gave birth to baby Quentin on Wednesday 4th of March 2015.

Here are some of my favourite photos of him:


Sleeping with his hands up:


X marks the spot, where just 48 hours earlier, Glynis could not walk any further into the foyer and needed a wheelchair to take her to the maternity ward. This is us leaving the hospital on Friday afternoon: