Squeezing out the 100s


Having given up on the pursuit of 100 kg bench press by the time of arrival I decided to set a different goal.  The reason being that after 5-6 weeks of training my left shoulder started to get painful which alerted me to the fact that I am not the lifter I once was (assuming I was one!). So the challenge of squeezing out the 100s took a different tone:

On Tuesday 17th of February I did squats at 50 kg for 50/35/15.

On Monday 23rd of February I did benchpress at 50 kg for 16/16/16/16/16/16/4.

On Tuesday 24th of February I did deadlifts at 50 kg for 34/33/25/8.


Thanks to Snap Fitness Southbank for helping me achieve this and my supporting brother for following my journey.



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