Farewell Josie Edden – I figured you were out of time, so I got you a takeaway…


A young girl lost her life this week as she ran dangerously across a road while late to work. She tripped over and was collected by a garbage truck in a freak accident. She could have been someone you knew? She could have been yours? She could have been you?

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Squeezing out the 100s


Having given up on the pursuit of 100 kg bench press by the time of arrival I decided to set a different goal.  The reason being that after 5-6 weeks of training my left shoulder started to get painful which alerted me to the fact that I am not the lifter I once was (assuming I was one!). So the challenge of squeezing out the 100s took a different tone:

On Tuesday 17th of February I did squats at 50 kg for 50/35/15.

On Monday 23rd of February I did benchpress at 50 kg for 16/16/16/16/16/16/4.

On Tuesday 24th of February I did deadlifts at 50 kg for 34/33/25/8.


Thanks to Snap Fitness Southbank for helping me achieve this and my supporting brother for following my journey.


28 Tweets # 28 days of wisdom


I once was a remarkable man. Time now to pass on the baton. Thanks for following #28daysofwisdom

It sometimes takes big things to happen before we decide to take action and that shouldn’t really be the case. #28daysofwisdom

There are some people at work who walk and talk too fast. My observations take me back to memories of life in high school. #28daysofwisdom

The more you know, the more you know that you don’t know. #28daysofwisdom

I know how bad things can get. I know you dont want to hear it but everything heals in time. You may as well get on with it. #28daysofwisdom

We are all junkies to some extent. Whats permissible or unpalatable is irrelevant. #28daysofwisdom

You only live twice. One for yourself and one for your dreams. #28daysofwisdom

The pursuit of excellence has no finish line. #28daysofwisdom

This is weird and scary and exciting which makes it the greatest of all time! #28daysofwisdom

You don’t need a generic Happy Chinese New Year message from me. I have wished the very for you since the day we met. #28daysofwisdom

It is attractive to see the world being influenced without the wonderful cleavage and box gap, but knowing it is there. #28daysofwisdom

Be the change you want to see in the world, but please do it subtly without blowing your fucking trumpet #28daysofwisdom

A former boss once said, “bring me solutions not problems” so I created new problems for him and only solved some of them #28daysofwisdom

Now you’re just somebody that I used to know. #28daysofwisdom

We know what we are strong at and what we are not. Better to focus on improving our weaknesses rather than our strengths #28daysofwisdom

Everybody has at least one wonderful story to tell. #28daysofwisdom

I have always found it relevant in life to continually consider the 80:20 or the 90:10 rule. #28daysofwisdom

RIP Fred Hollows. The world has indeed lost sight and vision… How much more fun was it in 1993? #28daysofwisdom

Lead, follow or get out the way. #28daysofwisdom

Petrol continues to be cheap and no complaints heard. But did anyone else notice 95 and V Power at lower temps than normal? #28daysofwisdom

Not sure if its in Myer Briggss or other personality indicators but there are really 2 types of people: givers and receivers #28daysofwisdom

One of the reasons I’m successful/unsuccessful in life is my ability not to give a fuck #28daysofwisdom

Just watching a movie.. May you be ‘unbroken’ in everything you pursue in life. #28daysofwisdom

Discuss the undiscussable #28daysofwisdom

70% of people who talk about data dont know what they’re on about. 80% of people for cloud computing. We are 90% doomed #28daysofwisdom

I disagree with our nation’s PM that leadership is not a popularity contest. It kind of is to an extent. #28daysofwisdom

Visualise what you can’t see #28daysofwisdom

Hate to make this a point but people only express their pride to be Australian but at the same time complain, argue and dont give back… #28daysofwisdom

Neighbours adding rubbish to my hard waste collection. Blackburn is lagging behind Mitcham in more than just house prices!! #28daysofwisdom