Catch Up (2) with Favourite Primary School teacher


This catch up over lunch was scheduled prior to the end of 2014 as I wanted to say thank you to Warren for all he has done for me both as a primary school student and also when we met up when I was out of work. I find it amazing and surreal that he has his own Consulting Business and that he also happens to have done work for Powercor!

Catch Up January 2015


No texting while walking for one month


It only just occurred to me how dangerous it is to text and walk, and how frequently I tend to do this.  This item was added to the list because I needed a change in behaviour.

Each time I wanted to text or check my phone while walking I would stop and look around before doing so.

A small change, but a change nonetheless. In fact while doing this experiment I realised also how unsightly it is walk and text. How can we as humans have got to this? We should know better!

Safety first.

We Could Have Died


It was a fine summer day in early January and Glynis and I were off to a shop in Centre Road Bentleigh so I could hire a wetsuit. As we parked and got out of the car to cross the road, we heard a loud screech from a car at a distance that was approaching at a rapid rate. As I looked around, I noticed a woman driving through the embankment in front of a row of shops taking out street signs, a park bench and narrowly missing people.  I can still remember the look on the woman’s face as the car zoomed past.  Thankfully she was okay and nobody was hurt, but it could have been very different…


Lorne Pier to Pub 2015


Since 3071 swimmers took to the water in 1998, the swim has been entered into the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s largest open water swim. This year I was one of 5000 participants and I would say one of the bravest, having feared swimming most of my life and perhaps done the least training in the lead up.


13-01-2015 10-54-02 AM

The following needs to posted as it contributed greatly to my time and may well have saved me:



The calm before the storm:


The pier doesn’t look so scary:




Celebrating 2015 NYE Sober


I had planned this post but I struggled to name this for a variety of reasons. I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to emphasise the fact that this new years was spent with both of us sober at Footscray Park family event, or that on my 31st birthday I decided to run 31 km. Maybe it is also significant that the Thursday run was in fact my 100th activity on RunKeeper too! A different birthday celebration but a fun one nonetheless: