Lorne Surf Life Saving Club – Pier to Pub Swim


Okay, so I haven’t exactly accomplished this yet, but earlier this month I signed up to the popular Lorne Pier to Pub Swim.  Not only did I sign up, I won a spot in the ballot as there was too much interest in the event. This is a 1.2 km open water swim and to say I am nervous is an understatement. My whole life I have not been confident in my swimming abilities. Its now time to overcome my fears…

Immediately after I won the ballot, I went to start training and have swam two consecutive weeks while Glynis was at the gym.  On the first occasion I swam 30 laps, and on the second, 50 laps!

Here is a glorious shot of the Lorne coastline:



Corporate Games 2014


This year I wanted to compete in the Corporate Games for CitiPower/Powercor. The only event I was interested in was the 10 km run which was a course involving two laps of Albert Park Lake.

Thanks to Dave for providing the action shots below.  I felt great and I really surprised myself with my performance!


Plant a Tree!


Okay, before we start with this one I would like to categorically deny I am a tree hugger. This was an opportunity that popped up and I felt compelled to participate. There was an opportunity to participate in ‘Corporate Volunteering’ via Landcare Australia who led a tree-planting initiative at Westgate Park.


Doing good for the Salvo’s


Hmm where do I start with this one? I had a personal problem with the Salvation Army due to some recent discoveries about their conduct when handling some employee issues. While the head office could have deal with issues at the core, they decided to sweep them under the carpet.

Just recently, my partner and I had the opportunity to donate some old clothing. We thought about the charity and while she had a preference as to where to go, I decided it would be a good idea to take all our supplies to The Salvation Army. The specifc store is Abbotsford where the homeless people raid through everybody’s donations on a regular basis.

We can only do what we can, right?