Remembering my sponsor child


For some reason today I started thinking about my former sponsor child.  It was through Compassion Australia several years ago that I managed to be connected to Rafaella Cadeau, a young black French girl from Haiti who was underprivileged with not enough money to go to school.

With my support I managed to “help a child fight poverty” and I remember Rafaella sending me hand drawn pictures of her in the playground at school. She enjoyed skipping.

Some years later, after I stopped my sponsorship I managed to contact Compassion especially after I learnt about the devastating earthquake which saw over 3 million people affected.  I was told by a staff member, Ashleigh, that Rafaella had lived through the disaster and had since been sponsored by someone else.

I was supporter number:  1066233

I’ll finish with a quote that was shown to me during my sponsorship; one in which the meaning I am not certain about, but I’m sure has some significance:

“Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me” – Mark 9:37


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