Marathon II


Running a marathon… Isn’t it exciting? Not really? The story I can share will hopefully inspire you. My journey I guess is a one that involves finding a starting point, setting a goal, maintaining focus, committing to hard work, and executing in the way planned out in my head. And this year it is not just about me, but two others I greatly admire.

My weapon of choice this year: Asics GT-3000 2:


With the run, hundreds of dollars of proceeds have gone to a charity of my choice.  Presently, high on my agenda and certainly in the media spotlight is the topic of refugees and I have chosen the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre to be the recipient of all the funds I helped raise. In fact I am told that this has been the most successful Run 4 Refugees ever, and thanks to a record number of runners and fundraisers (over 550) $250,549.63 was raised.

Below are some snaps at the finish line with Dave, Jamie, and Jamie’s cousin Ian. Awesome times for Dave and Ian with 3:43 and 3:23, respectively, and Jamie who finished within 6 hrs without ANY running training at all:


Below is the calm before the storm shot at the Runners Expo 11/10/2014 – “Forklifts & Heavy Machinery”


For me, it was a sensible race in the heat where I finished 2995th of the men and 3930th overall out of 6415 competitors.  My time of 4:18 hrs (average speed of 9.81 km/h) meant that I was I was within double of the winders 2:11 hr time.

Weeks ago when I spoke about the upcoming run with a friend, Cameron, he observed and correctly pointed out that [it] “wasn’t about me finishing anymore”.  After the race and reflecting on it to the wife and Jamie’s I told them that I knew my in my head that the mental battle had already been won. Rather, for me it was more so a test of readiness, whether after months of training and overcoming injury/sickness I was ready to perform on the day.



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