Have a child


Obviously I have known this for some time now, but it is with great pleasure that I can announce I am about to be a father.  This week we passed the half way mark, and had another antinatal appointment and ultrasound.

Below is the latest scan.  Our baby weighs 390gm and has a heart beat of 152 bpm!


I have included the foyer of Box Hill Hospital, my place of birth some 30 years ago. The reason why it looks slightly modern is that there has been an additional $447m redvelopment, which includes a new maternity unit:


I decided to keep a copy of our birthday predictions taken at Mum’s birthday:



Leadership Development – Sights set on becoming a manager one day


I learned a lot in my six years at IBM.  I am writing this post because I wanted to close the loop in a short but solid stint there and leave on some sort of happiernote. It has come to my attention of late that I have become a bit tired of repeating my same old stories about what I liked and didn’t like (and hated) about the company.

Having left the company, I read the book Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance, which was written by the CEO about the troubled 1990’s.  The IBM Leadership Competencies Graphic took me by surprise as it seems so applicable… I would like to follow Gerstner’s lead in the Win/Execute/Team and apply that in all situations in my working life:


Remembering my sponsor child


For some reason today I started thinking about my former sponsor child.  It was through Compassion Australia several years ago that I managed to be connected to Rafaella Cadeau, a young black French girl from Haiti who was underprivileged with not enough money to go to school.

With my support I managed to “help a child fight poverty” and I remember Rafaella sending me hand drawn pictures of her in the playground at school. She enjoyed skipping.

Some years later, after I stopped my sponsorship I managed to contact Compassion especially after I learnt about the devastating earthquake which saw over 3 million people affected.  I was told by a staff member, Ashleigh, that Rafaella had lived through the disaster and had since been sponsored by someone else.

I was supporter number:  1066233

I’ll finish with a quote that was shown to me during my sponsorship; one in which the meaning I am not certain about, but I’m sure has some significance:

“Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me” – Mark 9:37

Daily Spend Data Visualization Graphic


Optus, AAMI, ahm, AGL, Powershop, Yarra Valley Water, …  These are all the companies I pay good money to.  I wondered how much it actually costs per day to maintain all these services, and so I decided to create the following Data Visualization diagram to explain.  It was my hope that after a period o time these costs could be revisited.


  1. Petrol – Safeway – $8.57
  2. Electricity – Powershop – $1.75
  3. Gas – AGL – $2.76
  4. Water – Yarra Valley Water – $2.30
  5. Council Rates – Whitehorse – $3.00
  6. Mobile Phone – Optus – $2.16
  7. Internet – Optus – $1.60
  8. Car Insurance – AAMI Third Party – $1
  9. Health Insurance – ahm – $2.20
  10. Home Insurance – Allianz – $1.56

My Name in Graffiti


Chips… A nickname given to me because I had street smarts and because I had roots from IBM.  The chip or the CPU is of course the ‘intel’ I could bring to the table. Oh, and there is a gambling connotation to all of this too since I am risk adverse and also like to consider all the possible outcomes.  Here it is!


McDonalds Family Feast


I posted a comment on Facebook a while ago to see whether there was anyone out there interested in joining me attempt this silly challenge. I discovered this online as I was looking for videos to recommend for Vicky’s YouTube Party a few months ago. Well, I’m not sure if anybody cares, but I decided to go ahead and try it. Just look how tasty it looks:


Stay tuned for the results.

Marathon II


Running a marathon… Isn’t it exciting? Not really? The story I can share will hopefully inspire you. My journey I guess is a one that involves finding a starting point, setting a goal, maintaining focus, committing to hard work, and executing in the way planned out in my head. And this year it is not just about me, but two others I greatly admire.

My weapon of choice this year: Asics GT-3000 2:


With the run, hundreds of dollars of proceeds have gone to a charity of my choice.  Presently, high on my agenda and certainly in the media spotlight is the topic of refugees and I have chosen the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre to be the recipient of all the funds I helped raise. In fact I am told that this has been the most successful Run 4 Refugees ever, and thanks to a record number of runners and fundraisers (over 550) $250,549.63 was raised.

Below are some snaps at the finish line with Dave, Jamie, and Jamie’s cousin Ian. Awesome times for Dave and Ian with 3:43 and 3:23, respectively, and Jamie who finished within 6 hrs without ANY running training at all:


Below is the calm before the storm shot at the Runners Expo 11/10/2014 – “Forklifts & Heavy Machinery”


For me, it was a sensible race in the heat where I finished 2995th of the men and 3930th overall out of 6415 competitors.  My time of 4:18 hrs (average speed of 9.81 km/h) meant that I was I was within double of the winders 2:11 hr time.

Weeks ago when I spoke about the upcoming run with a friend, Cameron, he observed and correctly pointed out that [it] “wasn’t about me finishing anymore”.  After the race and reflecting on it to the wife and Jamie’s I told them that I knew my in my head that the mental battle had already been won. Rather, for me it was more so a test of readiness, whether after months of training and overcoming injury/sickness I was ready to perform on the day.