Brand New Start


After going through a rather weird patch this winter, I reflect back on everything that has occurred and decided I will use this September to remember a brand new start. But, not just any old start…  In some ways it’s easy for someone, anyone to start fresh and turn a page. For me, I find this to be the coming together of three things that have been on my mind of late.

What this means is now I have two brand new tools that will help me focus and succeed in the job I have ahead of me.  The two tools I have already had, but recently I found excuses to use to justify why I couldn’t perform.  My new phone and laptop will be constant reminders that I have fantastic technology in front of me at my disposal.  My new job focuses on energy distribution, which completes a picture that is the journey of my career.  With this opportunity at my fingertips, my CV starts to make sense and with this I have been able to fulfil a promise I made to a friend to do more great things in this industry.

New Laptop Computer.  Yes, I know, the irony of me purchasing a Lenovo:


New Phone. Yes, another Samsung:


New Job.  I will be doing my bit to help serve over one million customers in central and western Victoria:



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