Food Diary August 2014


I don’t know why I decided to dedicate time in my day to maintain a food diary.  Perhaps because I had never done it before. Perhaps because I was bored.  Perhaps because I was not working and really had no excuse to say I was too busy.  Whatever the reason, I managed to complete this for the month of August.

I must say it was hard work keeping a record of all the things I ate and drank.  To make a conscious effort of documenting each and every item I put in my mouth seemed like a pointless thing to do, but had to be done. On the positive side, it did give me some appreciation for fitness junkies who weigh every meal and count every calorie consumed. Who am I to judge what people should do with their food?

The image below shows how conscious I was in looking at what food and drinks to buy.


During this process, I also came across a cause called Second Bite ( that aims to “provide fresh, nutritious food for the people in need across Australia.” I think its an initiative I want to be part of.


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