Build my personal range of Scotch Whiskey


After years of just keeping the standard Chivas Regal and Canadian Club at home, I have commenced a life long journey of collecting my own range of Scotch/Whiskey.

Below is a picture of my current range:


To this collection, I recently did some research and purchased the following items I thought would suit my taste. There will need to be a few more to add to this list:



Repair my back!


This marks the start of the journey to restore my back.

I don’t have any limitations in movement, but I feel the pain is felt in the extremes when I bend forwards, backwards and to the sides.

Health Insurance Organised and started preliminary talks with Damien and Mithra.

Brand New Start


After going through a rather weird patch this winter, I reflect back on everything that has occurred and decided I will use this September to remember a brand new start. But, not just any old start…  In some ways it’s easy for someone, anyone to start fresh and turn a page. For me, I find this to be the coming together of three things that have been on my mind of late.

What this means is now I have two brand new tools that will help me focus and succeed in the job I have ahead of me.  The two tools I have already had, but recently I found excuses to use to justify why I couldn’t perform.  My new phone and laptop will be constant reminders that I have fantastic technology in front of me at my disposal.  My new job focuses on energy distribution, which completes a picture that is the journey of my career.  With this opportunity at my fingertips, my CV starts to make sense and with this I have been able to fulfil a promise I made to a friend to do more great things in this industry.

New Laptop Computer.  Yes, I know, the irony of me purchasing a Lenovo:


New Phone. Yes, another Samsung:


New Job.  I will be doing my bit to help serve over one million customers in central and western Victoria:


Ice Bucket Challenge


The original challenge was to jump in the ice bath like the ones professionals use after a sports game; however I recently let this morph into the Ice Bucket Challenge to support ALS.  In July, I was nominated by Dave as he set his sights on competing in the Ironman 2015 next year.

Being sick for a number of weeks with an unknown superbug, I was not able to do it until August when I was feeling a little better.  Uploading the full video was not possible so I created the following collage:


Food Diary August 2014


I don’t know why I decided to dedicate time in my day to maintain a food diary.  Perhaps because I had never done it before. Perhaps because I was bored.  Perhaps because I was not working and really had no excuse to say I was too busy.  Whatever the reason, I managed to complete this for the month of August.

I must say it was hard work keeping a record of all the things I ate and drank.  To make a conscious effort of documenting each and every item I put in my mouth seemed like a pointless thing to do, but had to be done. On the positive side, it did give me some appreciation for fitness junkies who weigh every meal and count every calorie consumed. Who am I to judge what people should do with their food?

The image below shows how conscious I was in looking at what food and drinks to buy.


During this process, I also came across a cause called Second Bite ( that aims to “provide fresh, nutritious food for the people in need across Australia.” I think its an initiative I want to be part of.