Rescue a lost dog


It was a typical Sunday morning and Glynis and I were on the way to Mum’s for weekly lunch.  In the car as usual we brought along our two dogs, Friday and Bruno, who had just been showered in the morning.  It was a short drive and 4.3 km later we arrived at Mum’s.  As I parked and got out of the car I noticed another dog on the driveway seeking my attention.  That was odd, and the first thing that came to me was to greet the dog and also be careful of Glynis opening the rear door, fearing that Friday would jump out and attack the other dog.

As we ate, we had already been talking about taking the dog back to the RSPCA.  Since the dog had a tag and number (15135192) it would just be a matter of time it would be reunited with its owner.  But during lunch I soon noticed someone walking around by the back fence of our house. Could it have been the owner searching for the dog?

Not it wasn’t.  It was the guy who was looking after someone else’s dog and let it run away.  Here is a picture of Bruno and Friday with Kelvin, a Schnauzer, who got a free feed!



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