Fare Evasion 2014


What a dickhead you might say?  Well, it had been 13 decent honest years since I had last fare evaded.  I did this on one fine sunny Monday afternoon recently as I wanted to experience and rekindle the feeling of fare evasion which was last done sometime in year 12, 2001.  For the record, I had a terrible feeling for the duration of the trip that I was going to be approached by a ticket inspector.  Stop after stop there was nothing and I had got off at Camberwell station to find the platforms were also unmanned.

I managed to find a Metcard lying around at home.  I had almost forgotten what they looked like!


Here’s my Myki card.  I can assure you it wasn’t used:


Finally, I wanted to make it clear that I did not gain from this exercise as my $10 fare was donated to charity. I don’t need to attach the tax receipt! What I will show you is evidence of my corrective behaviour from 31 July 2014. I will conclude by noting the irony of having $10 balance on my card:




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