Reaching Out


I recall while working at my previous organisation, the term “reaching out” was highly popularised. I would hear it said almost every single day.  Of course, it was supposed to mean, either trying to establish contact, seeking help orguidance, or making it seem like extra efforts were made to do more than what was initially expected of someone. But, the thing that got me was that people use to say “reach out” and it was evident that it meant nothing. I would hear it said and not understand why people would think they could make that trademark statement to make themselves look good?

I took it upon myself to reach out to people who I normally wouldnt and see what I could do to help them.  At the time of writing there were no open volunteer positions for the “Independent Prison Visitor Scheme”. The cut off for the “Victorian Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders” had also been just missed. The actual item on the list was to visit someone on death row or in a life sentence. Obviously, it is a bit hard at present, however this item will be revisited.


Rock Climbing


It was such a long time since I had done Rock Climbing and I needed  a reminder how much fun it was.


No credit card for one month!


The idea behind this challenge was that credit is not such a great thing and so I decided to force myself to pay cash with all my transactions for the month.  I know Ben prefers to walk around carrying cash only, not even a wallet, but for me I had to make sure I had to monitor all my expenses closely!
Also, in the process my Guess money clip that I bought in the US in 2010 was finally put to use!




Note: There were three exceptions that my credit card was used for transactions which were home electricity, health insurance, and car insurance.

30 distinct memories ‘growing up’

  1. Photos taken at creche in Doncaster East (1986)
  2. Family camping in the orange tent in Europe (1987)
  3. Falling off the staircase rail at Uncle Julian’s house (1987)
  4. Raising chickens at Kindergarten (1988)
  5. Playing with fire and candles with Martyn (1989)
  6. Competed in a spelling competition in Grade 1 (1990)
  7. Tobogganing at the snow with the Holiday Program (1991)
  8. After school programs at Beverley Hills (1991)
  9. Playing school basketball for OLOP (1992)
  10. Almost drowning while swimming in the deep end (1992)
  11. First memories of being naughty in primary school (1993)
  12. Going to Nunwading Pool with Jin (1993)
  13. Playing Tee Ball with Jamie in Grade 4 and 5 (1994)
  14. Trivia Competition at Melb Uni in Year 6 (1995)
  15. Father/Son Camp at Bambara in Year 7 (1996)
  16. Regular at house atheletics 800m and 1500m (1997)
  17. Playing hockey in Doncaster East (1998)
  18. Going from East Camberwell to Surrey Hills in a Fire Truck (1998)
  19. Year 9 Formal at MLC (1998)
  20. Diploma in Pianoforte (1999)
  21. Dad teaching me to drive (2000)
  22. Remembering Dad’s move to Hong Kong (2000)
  23. Loitering after school in Camberwell (2001)
  24. 100 kg bench press for the first time (2003)
  25. Industrial Project at the Royal Children’s Hospital (2004)
  26. Regular FND at CQ, Hyde Bar and F4 (2007)
  27. Meeting Glynis for the first time at Seven (2007)
  28. Re-visiting Grosser’s house in Brienz after 20 years (2008)
  29. Moving to Southbank (2008)
  30. Summer Academy Exchange program in Germany (2008)


Restore Some Old Furniture



Here is an old table Mum’s salvaged from somewhere. The four chairs actually belonged to Leonard when he first moved to Melbourne.  I decided to give them a bit of a lift and hopefully marry them together!


Still a work in progress but here are the pictures. Still one layer of darker varnish to finish it off:


This is what it looked like when I had done the sanding and the painting of the chairs:



Walk Non-Stop from 9-5


The weather forecast did not look good for the week but that was no deterrent.  As it turned out, one beautiful day in July 2014 Jamie Gill and I played some message tag and then decided to walk all day, to the top of the 1000 Steps National Park in the Mt Dandenong ranges.  This idea originally came from Jamie Gill himself but was very worthy to be added to the list.
There were three main highlights/co-incidences of the day:

  • Train Tracks
  • Tranquility Card
  • Soup

Below, I have shared some images of the day:

10484809_10152137525062455_419694907126792148_n 10501891_10152137525162455_890173672337991240_n_Fotor 20140708_113224_Fotor