Throw a pie in someone’s face!


This is not exactly an achievement to be proud of but I can say its something I have wanted to do before. In fact sometimes I think it is something I was born to do.  Unfortunately for some young hooligan he picked on the wrong person at the just the wrong time!

On one fine evening, Glynis and I were standing at the intersection of Exhibition and Lonsdale Streets. Glynis happened to be eating a meat pie outside 7-11 when a car slowed and approached the corner.  There were pedestrians crossing the road at Lonsdale Street which meant the car had to give way and come to a complete stop.  Then, I noticed some idiotic screams from the passenger side of the car which had targetted strangers, and then for some reason I felt some of the screams were targetted at me.  Instinctively, I grabbed the pie from Glynis, ran after the car and threw it into the passenger’s face.  Meat, sauce and pastry went in all directions in the car having bounced off the guy’s face.  After a while I reflected back as we ran away and I kind of felt sorry for the driver of the vehicle.



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