Melbourne Marathon 2013


Not many people understand why I participated in the Melbourne Marathon in 2013. Sometimes I even struggle to explain to people who ask me today. It is a bit cliche but it has been said and that running a marathon will change your life. It changed mine because I wanted it to.  Its not to say my life was bad at the time, but there things I was unhappy with.

Signing up was the easy part, but the training for the big day was a challenge in itself.  Stupidity you might say, but it felt good spending those hours on the track and pushing my limits while I thought about life and concentrated on all the good things I had. The completion of the Marathon on October 13 meant the completion of my ‘7 Pounds’ commitment which I made, and this told me I could achieve anything I set my mind to doing.

This was a shot of me outside the MCG, where the run finished:


Not my best shot but this one was courtesy of



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