Monetary Donations to Charity / NFP Organisations


I am not one big for making donations to charity. However, recently I made a special effort to contribute more than I ever would have otherwise.  In doing so, I am keeping a log of who I donate to and why.

  • Legacy Australia – people died for us on the front line and it is only fair that we remember and acknowledge their sacrifice. It could have been me.
  • Fred Hollows Foundation – I can’t stand people who do not have vision. It may even be harder when they dont have their eyesight. This foundation does so much for people with blindness and problems with sight.
  • Movember – supporting this cause as I am a male and prostate cancer is a terrible disease
  • National Breast Cancer Foundation – supporting this cause as my grandmother died from breast cancer and I hope that fewer women do
  • Asylum Seeker Resource Centre – looking after refugees who have no where else to go
  • St Vinnie’s CEO Sleepout – supporting people in power who wish to make a difference!

Do you really want to see how much I have donated?


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