Big Job Change


Probably not the best time to be writing this post but I may well come back to edit this once I’m in a better state. I did not want to harp on about how bad things were going  18 months ago, but one of the best things I did was leaving that ‘team’, that environment, getting away from those people.

It was quite strange how things unfolded but I was given a chance to do something different, a job that was concerned with treating ordinary customers better (unlike the Big 3 Fat Cats), advising them about their energy usage and offering fantastic plans, pricing and discounts..

Cabernet Sauvignon… What a wonderful drop!

I wrote to ‘The Janitor’ a couple of months ago to explain how amazing my journey was and how it unfolded as I embarked on another new challenge. I thanked him.  Below are shots from my October collection in one of the CBD’s important substations:



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