Learn Some Boxing


This has always been on my list of things to do, but more recently came into action when I commenced by “try something new for 30 days”.

My story actually began with DZ teaching me some basics at the Tan each week, and this became a bit more serious as I became an (irregular) visitor of Blackburn’s Fighter’s Factory Gym.

I thank Glynis for the membership that helped me get my ass into gear.  I am still waiting for the punching bag setup in the garage though!

What we look like when we do our circuits:



Throw a pie in someone’s face!


This is not exactly an achievement to be proud of but I can say its something I have wanted to do before. In fact sometimes I think it is something I was born to do.  Unfortunately for some young hooligan he picked on the wrong person at the just the wrong time!

On one fine evening, Glynis and I were standing at the intersection of Exhibition and Lonsdale Streets. Glynis happened to be eating a meat pie outside 7-11 when a car slowed and approached the corner.  There were pedestrians crossing the road at Lonsdale Street which meant the car had to give way and come to a complete stop.  Then, I noticed some idiotic screams from the passenger side of the car which had targetted strangers, and then for some reason I felt some of the screams were targetted at me.  Instinctively, I grabbed the pie from Glynis, ran after the car and threw it into the passenger’s face.  Meat, sauce and pastry went in all directions in the car having bounced off the guy’s face.  After a while I reflected back as we ran away and I kind of felt sorry for the driver of the vehicle.


Blood Donation


This was unplanned and quite impulsive, but sometime in 2013 I decided to donate blood for the first time.  I did it at the Blood Bank of the Australian Red Cross in South Melbourne. I had heard some of my friends do it and felt a bit uneasy at first, but then came to the conclusion that it was time for me to do my bit too.

And so I did it… I have even got a couple of phone calls back from the Red Cross asking me to come back again and again!  I replied saying no, but promised I would return.

In this episode, I did at least learn something in the process. This was that all these years I thought I was Blood type O, but I learned that I am actually a healthy B!  Oh, and I potentially saved three lives.  There can’t be much harm in doing that…


Melbourne Marathon 2013


Not many people understand why I participated in the Melbourne Marathon in 2013. Sometimes I even struggle to explain to people who ask me today. It is a bit cliche but it has been said and that running a marathon will change your life. It changed mine because I wanted it to.  Its not to say my life was bad at the time, but there things I was unhappy with.

Signing up was the easy part, but the training for the big day was a challenge in itself.  Stupidity you might say, but it felt good spending those hours on the track and pushing my limits while I thought about life and concentrated on all the good things I had. The completion of the Marathon on October 13 meant the completion of my ‘7 Pounds’ commitment which I made, and this told me I could achieve anything I set my mind to doing.

This was a shot of me outside the MCG, where the run finished:


Not my best shot but this one was courtesy of Marathon-Photos.com


Big Job Change


Probably not the best time to be writing this post but I may well come back to edit this once I’m in a better state. I did not want to harp on about how bad things were going  18 months ago, but one of the best things I did was leaving that ‘team’, that environment, getting away from those people.

It was quite strange how things unfolded but I was given a chance to do something different, a job that was concerned with treating ordinary customers better (unlike the Big 3 Fat Cats), advising them about their energy usage and offering fantastic plans, pricing and discounts..

Cabernet Sauvignon… What a wonderful drop!

I wrote to ‘The Janitor’ a couple of months ago to explain how amazing my journey was and how it unfolded as I embarked on another new challenge. I thanked him.  Below are shots from my October collection in one of the CBD’s important substations:


Monetary Donations to Charity / NFP Organisations


I am not one big for making donations to charity. However, recently I made a special effort to contribute more than I ever would have otherwise.  In doing so, I am keeping a log of who I donate to and why.

  • Legacy Australia – people died for us on the front line and it is only fair that we remember and acknowledge their sacrifice. It could have been me.
  • Fred Hollows Foundation – I can’t stand people who do not have vision. It may even be harder when they dont have their eyesight. This foundation does so much for people with blindness and problems with sight.
  • Movember – supporting this cause as I am a male and prostate cancer is a terrible disease
  • National Breast Cancer Foundation – supporting this cause as my grandmother died from breast cancer and I hope that fewer women do
  • Asylum Seeker Resource Centre – looking after refugees who have no where else to go
  • St Vinnie’s CEO Sleepout – supporting people in power who wish to make a difference!

Do you really want to see how much I have donated?